In order for a private collector or an investor to understand and appreciate what is involved in acquiring a single coloured diamond, or to build a magnificent collection of natural coloured diamonds, it is helpful to develop a basic understanding about these rare gemstones.  It is also important to be able to recognize the unique qualities that a diamantaire (diamond professional) associates with an extraordinary jewel.

Acquiring knowledge about coloured diamonds can be difficult, especially because this knowledge is guarded by those "in the know".  In addition, there is a lot of misinformation in print and on the internet, circulating around the globe.  This can hinder the novice collector who has not yet learned to sift the facts from the fiction, the true from the false, the measured from the perceived, and the objective from the subjective, regarding natural coloured diamonds.

Buying a single coloured diamond requires time and patience, knowledge and aesthetic taste, along with a bit of good luck, excellent timing, and a realistic budget.  Building a collection of several rare coloured diamonds involves all of the above aspects, and it also involves a great deal of acquired knowledge on the part of a collector or investor.

The search for a particular coloured diamond might involve a face-to-face meeting, or it might require my services to examine a particular stone that is being considered for purchase, either from a dealer, cutter, or an auction house.  As a researcher, author and consultant, I have spent many years developing a comprehensive knowledge of rare and historically important coloured diamonds, as well as a network of professional contacts.  Thus, I am in a unique position to locate and acquire the coloured diamond(s) that my clients expressly desire.