Fancy Colour Consultants

Stephen C. Hofer is an expert advisor and consultant to a variety of clients around the world who buy, sell, cut and collect rare natural coloured diamonds.  He has established himself as a specialist in the study of natural coloured diamonds for thirty five years. Hofer is an accomplished gemologist, researcher, author, diamond cutter, and teacher who empowers his clients, (private collectors, investors, dealers, cutters, auctioneers, appraisers, and jewelers), with the practical knowledge necessary to be confident investors and educated collectors.

"When looking at a natural coloured diamond, or any coloured object, such as the changing of autumn leaves, butterflies, flowers, fabrics, or stained glass windows, my thoughts wander and my spirit soars, reminding me that my excitement for living is intimately connected with a never ending enthusiasm for colour." S.C. Hofer