As a consultant to the diamond industry, I offer my expertise and share my knowledge with diamond collectors and private investors who are eager to learn more about this subject.  I also advise industry professionals who are interested to advance their knowledge and improve their business.  Based on my years of experience in the diamond industry, and my unique ability to measure diamond colours with an objective instrument, I can offer a wealth of practical experience and provide valuable insight concerning the purchase or sale of a natural coloured diamond.

In order to become a successful buyer or seller in today's coloured diamond market, it is beneficial to learn the details of colour (body colour and face-up colour).  In the process of learning about colour, a new understanding of coloured diamonds will develop, and this information will help collectors and investors to see beyond what is printed on a diamond grading report.

This is where I can be of service, as an expert in this field I can establish the colour of any polished coloured diamond with absolute certainty. Once the exact colour of a diamond has been determined using objective colour measurement, this information can be used to establish an accurate colour grade, determine the rarity, explain the beauty, and place a value on any stone with confidence.  My specialized coloured diamond consulting service has been offered to members of the diamond trade (dealers, jewelers, cutters, auctions houses, etc.) for over twenty five years.

In the last ten years, I have begun to work with private individuals outside the diamond industry (collectors, connoisseurs, investors), who appreciate my timely and accurate information, combined with a discrete and professional manner.