About – Stephen C. Hofer

"I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most respected people in the diamond business including coloured diamond collectors, connoisseurs and private investors, diamond dealers and diamond cutters, jewelers (private and public), museum curators, and various auction houses. "

Agra diamond
S. C. Hofer in GIA research lab, 1980

Stephen Hofer’s passion for studying colour was sparked at an early age.  His many years of colour research have developed into a refined appreciation for the millions of subtle colour differences and combinations connected with nature. Mr. Hofer began his career in the earth sciences in 1976 as a geophysicist at the University of Connecticut.  He studied gemology at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the Gemological Association of Great Britain (GAGB), graduating with distinction. Mr. Hofer is also an accomplished diamond cutter, a graduate of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting (AIDC).

In 1979, Mr. Hofer accepted a position with the GIA Research Department; since then he has devoted his career to the study of coloured diamonds.  He has published numerous technical papers, authored a quarterly column on coloured diamonds for New York Diamonds magazine, and published the comprehensive treatise, “COLLECTING AND CLASSIFYING COLOURED DIAMONDS”, a 760 page reference book considered to be the most important study of natural coloured diamonds to date. Testimonials

Mr. Hofer’s consulting service, FANCY COLOUR CONSULTANTS LLC, specializes in the study of rare coloured diamonds.  He examines polished coloured diamonds, measures the exact colour with optical equipment, and writes letters and books describing in great detail the specific colours and unique characteristics of each stone.  During Mr. Hofer’s thirty plus years studying natural and artificial diamonds, he has worked with some of the most respected people in the diamond business and has examined some of the most important coloured diamonds known to man.

Hope diamond © Tino Hammid
S.C. Hofer studying the Hope diamond (unmounted), 1988.

"It has been an interesting journey, and I am very fortunate to have examined some of the most important individual coloured diamonds that have ever been unearthed, such as the Hope blue diamond, the Agra pink diamond, the Pumpkin orange diamond, and the Hancock red diamond.” 

S.C. Hofer