Pink (hue / variety / modifier): Abbreviated (PK). A perceived colour hue resembling a rose flower, certain seashells, or the gemstone rubellite. Pink is a modified spectral colour typically considered a pale tone of red. Pink is also spoken of as being a warm colour. In the diamond trade, pink represents one of the basic twelve colour varieties. Pink diamonds can also contain secondary colour modifiers such as purplish pink (pp-PK), reddish pink (r-PK), orangish pink (o-PK), brownish pink (br-PK), grayish pink (gy-PK) and occasionally (fluorescent) greenish modifiers. Pink can also occur as a secondary colour modifier in other colour varieties such as pinkish orange (pk-0), pink-brown (PK-BR) , etc. The range of colour tone for pink diamonds is variable in both lightness and saturation resulting in pale (blossom) pink, dull (blush) pink, bright (Crayola®) pink, and deep (raspberry) pink colours. Popular names for mixtures of pink are baby, blossom, bubble gum, cedar, clover, claret, coral , cotton candy, Crayola®, laurel, old rose, peach blossom, raspberry, rose, salmon, shell, shrimp, strawberry, rouge, and tourmaline

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